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Qualatex Bubble Balloons

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Bubble Balloons

Made from stretchy plastic bubble balloons are non oxidizing and long lasting, making them ideal for both indoor and outdoor decor.

Deco Bubble Balloons 

These decorator essentials have no valve therefore the possibilities are only limited by your imagination. Double stuff them with one or more balloons or add decorative accents such as confetti, feathers of even flowers. Versatile Deco Bubbles add value and will have your customers asking "Is that really a balloon?"

Because they have no valve Deco Bubbles must be tied off. To do this:

         1. Tightly grip the neck and twist several times

          2. Wrap a ribbon, 160Q or 260q around the neck several times and tie a permanent knot. Make sure the knot is very tight and you will ensure a long lasting Deco Bubble.

Single Bubble Balloons 

From ages 1 - 99 there's a bubble balloon for every birthday and every occasion. Whether filled with air or helium, stretchy plastic Bubble Balloons are colorful, durable and versatile.

Use a latex regulator only, and keep inflating until all the wrinkles disappear. Bubbles stretch like latex balloons and look almost like beach balls when properly inflated.

Double Bubble Balloons 

Super impressive double bubble balloons come in a variety of styles. Just follow the inflation istructions on the packet and wait for the accolades.

Bubble Inflation

Knowing how to properly inflate Bubble Balloons will guarantee happy customers! The special stretchy plastic allows Bubbles to stretch BIG and ROUND.  Note: Once the package is opened,bubbles must be inflated immediately or they will dry out

for more information and to see video instructions follow the link below.

How to inflate bubble balloons