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Specialty & Entertainer Balloons

Balloon entertainers worldwide choose Qualatex balloons. They offer all of the sizes, shapes, and colours you want along with the durability you need to withstand the twists and turns of entertaining.

Some Of the most commonly used sizes are:

 160Q 1" in diameter by 60" long
 260Q2" in diameter by 60" long ( the most commonly used twister balloons)
 350Q3" in diameter by 50" long 
 646Q6" in diameter by 46"" long 

Want more shapes or sizes? Have a look at the range of hearts, 321Q (bee bodies), blossoms, donuts and mouseheads.

Just Starting Out

Qualatex offer some fantastic assorted packs which give you a wide selection of colours so you can make anything you can dream up. Check these out at Mixed Packs