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Wholesale Balloons


Wholesale balloons of all types and sizes

Wholesale Balloons

Parties and More are wholesale distributors and importers of a wide range of Latex, Mylar Foil and Bubble Balloons. Our extensive range has been carefully selected to cover every event and decorating need.

Parties and More carry the full range of Qualatex Mylar Foil and Latex and Bubble balloons. Qualatex Latex Balloons are available in a rainbow of colours and styles, with printed designs for every occasion, as well as a broad range of sizes and shapes. These 100% biodegradable latex balloons are the first choice of decorators and balloon artists all over the world. 

Qualatex also have an extensive range of Mylar foil balloons in sizes ranging from 10cm to 91cm.

We also carry the full range of Qualatex Bubble Balloons, these stretchy see thru plastic balloons range in size from 38 to 61cm and inflate to almost round and have long float times.

Parties and More are authorised distributors of Anagram balloons. Anagram is the world’s largest manufacturer of foil balloons for every occasion. Amscan/Anagram Australia have the Australian license for a large range of Licensed balloons, including all of the Disney, Warner, Nickleodeon and Marvel ranges such as Frozen, Mickey, Avengers, Batman, Spiderman, Fairies and many more.  Anagram also has a range of licensed latex balloons to complement their foil ranges.

Parties and More also carry a large range of both Barton and Kaleidoscope Mylar Foil Balloons and are therefore able to offer you 1000s of different foils to suit any occasion or display requirement. 

Looking for a budget Latex balloon, Parties and More have that covered with the fantastic Funsational Range.  A full sized, [30cm], helium quality latex balloon in a wide colour range,  packed in 25 and 50 count hang sell packs

Parties and More now import our own competitively priced foil range including letters, numbers and plain heart and star shaped foils.